About Us

Sarthak Financial Solution is a company where you will get complete range of financial products like Shares, Bonds, Mutual Fund etc. Share advisory is based on Technical Analysis. Here by using TA we are trying to break the myth that share trading is a kind of gambling, In our views it is an Art and one has to learn discipline to earn money.

Don’t loose time on calculating particular stock. We work on Market Physiology with Technical Analysis and give you simple entry in stock market and exit points on the very good stocks in Indian Share Market (BSE, NSE). Investor

We provide share market tips on basis of research by broking firms, investment guidance and there is no need to read those lengthy & tedious newsletters to find the best stock for you. We give you clear entry and exit points. Cash, F&O etc. all calls are given on a LIVE! basis. We have calls (Intraday, Short, Medium term and Long term) for all types of markets (Volatile, Rising, Falling, Consolidating etc)

Not only this if you allow we will manage your account and show the profits for which every one is running here and there. It will be the proof that Market Psychology if combined with Technical Analysis will give the optimum performance.

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